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Our Story

Our family has been producing olive oil from the Olympian Region located in Peloponneso, Greece for generations. In the early 1980’s members of our family migrated from Ilion, Greece to New York to accept better opportunities. Despite leaving Greece, our family made sure to return frequently to visit our family and maintain the olive groves that were previously maintained by our ancestors. 

Every year our family would return to the United States making sure to bring with us olive oil for our home. In 1999 our family expanded the olive groves for harvest by acquiring neighboring lands. In the 2000’s our family began selling olive oil to local farmers and importing olive oil into the United States for private sale to local families. These local families have continued to prefer our olive oil for their homes given the purity and consistency of our product, trusting that our olive oil is not intermingled with other oils of lesser quality, as is often the case with commercialized olive oils. 

In 2018 through 2021, we welcomed the additions of the latest generation to our family. In seeking to maintain our Hellenic roots we proceeded with establishing Olympian Olive Oil, Inc. 

The creation of Olympian Olive Oil represents our family’s efforts to cultivate the newest generations’ love for Greece, olives, and olive oil. The goal is to aid the newest generation in continuing to produce the purest olive oil and assure that our family’s production of olive oil is never modified or diluted thereby assuring the very best quality of our food and life. 

We at Olympian Olive Oil wish to share our love for Greece, olives, and olive oil with the world. Our olives are grown on our land, picked, and pressed by our family. No other olive oil comes close in comparison to the quality, purity, and taste of the oil harvested from olive groves that have been maintained for generations.

Give us a try and let us know what you think!